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July 28, 1991

Accra, Ghana

COPORATE MISSION Our mission is to provide quality but affordable books for education, entertainment, self-development and self-fulfillment; to all when the need arises by: Providing a wide range of books to satisfy our clients Exceeding our customers’ expectation in their book requirements Making our books accessible in the market. Acting as agents for both customers and publishers and working for their interest; enriching our client’s life in their quest for educational and entertaining books and advancing the cause of our publishers. VISION Our vision is to become the largest and leading book distributor in West Africa and to be the bookselling household name in the West Africa Sub Region. VISION OF AFRICA EPP Book services is committed to seeing book business flourish in Africa. We intend to achieve this by: Establishing more bookshops in other West-African countries Supplying books to other booksellers in Africa under the authorization to distribute books outside Ghana. Providing consultancy services to publishers who want to expand their services to other booksellers in West Africa.

on July 28, 1991, EPP Books Services started its operations as a small bookshop in an obscure corner of Accra, Ghana.  The bookshop, which started with a space of not more than 20 meters square, has grown into a chain of bookshops spreading across the West African sub region. Read more…

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